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the vaerun

In the beginning...

Back when both the Sun and the Moon could still be found in the skies of Mundura, the Vaerun already lived deep in the forests. They were the first people of this world, and as far as we know, they are as old as the trees themselves.

The Vaerun were a peaceful people, living in the dark, dense parts of the woods. They lived as one with nature, as the humans on Earth used to do thousands of years ago. Hunting only when necessary, gathering berries, roots, and nuts. They were a nomadic people as well, and built their homes in the branches and between the roots of the huge trees.

But one of the most important parts of the Vaerun culture, was The Moon. When the Moon was still visible in the skies at night, the Vaerun saw how she affected the plants and the animals. They saw the moths dance their nocturnal dances in her light, they heard the wolves howling at her; they noticed how some flowers only bloomed during a full moon... and The Vaerun started talking to her.

They prayed to her silver light every night, until one day, she replied.. 

Something happened that had never happened before. The Moon decided to share some of her gifts with the Vaerun, and brought magic into the world of Mundura.

The newfound moonmagic was feral and wild, and the first Priestess performed miracles, without controlling or understanding what happened. Nonetheless, the magic passed on to her daughters, and their daughters after that. After many generations of learning and praying, the Priestesses finally grew to control the moonmagic. They became scholars, oracles, healers, arcanists, and even enchantresses.

While taming the wild magic of the Moon, however, the Vaerun Priestesses lost some of their own wildness. They grew closer to the Moon, but strayed further from their roots. They started to wander outside the dark depths of the forest, to open clearings, to places where they could see her better. They built new, more permanent villages there, and lived prosperously.

Now we can only dream of those nights of myth when the Moon still appeared in the sky, when there was still light in the darkness; wondering what happened… But that's a story for another time.

The rest of the Vaerun stayed behind in the centre of their forests, taking care of the plants and animals. They still live there now, observing their old customs and values. Praying, and waiting for the return of their beloved Moon...

You can find the Vaerun collection here.

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