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Mundura is a Dutch company, created in 2017 by Myrna Moonstruck. Who is Myrna?

‘Well, once upon a time there was a girl who was obsessed with dressing up and fantasy. But she could never find the clothes she was looking for. Too gothic, too cliché, too over the top – so when she was old enough, she decided to make her own costumes.

However, what started as a passion for making fantasy clothing still needed some time to develop. Myrna started a Bachelor degree in ICT, but this didn’t make her happy and turned out to be a dead end. Only after coming to the atelier of Somnia Romantica for a photoshoot, did she see the light and decide to go and study Fashion. And this is where the idea that led to Mundura, was born.’


Mundura creates clothing for fantasy geeks, bands and anyone who loves cool clothing. The designs are based upon the many realms and beings of Mundura. You don’t just buy an outfit, but a piece from another world; carefully extracted, especially for you.
Above all, Mundura is about quality. All products are handmade in the Netherlands with great care. Durability is key: we want you to have something beautiful which will last long, and which you can profoundly enjoy.

To learn more about the stories and lore of Mundura, click here.

Welcome, adventurer!

You have just found a portal into Mundura. Take a look! You might glimpse some magical clothes and costumes. Rich fabrics, the smell of leather, furs and animal horns – all relics from another place, another world..

This is a world where the magic of nature is alive. Discover the civilisations that live here. Discover their culture, their clothing and their beauty..

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